Wednesday, May 18, 2016


We have been exploring measurement in and around our classroom.  We used paper clips to measure how long certain things are, including our feet.  For our home learning we used our finger!  Measurement is all around us, Zane told us"my dad uses a measuring tape to help him build". We use measuring for cooking/baking, see how tall we grow, how heavy we are and lots more.

Visitors to Room 12 for writing inspiration

We have been learning to write facts about the mini beasts around us.  It was cool to see the snails slime their way around the tables as the tamariki observed and wrote the facts.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Have you read this chapter book? Room 12 has!

We read this book everyday till we finished, we read a chapter a day, sometimes we were so engrossed in the story that Room 12 begged to read a little bit more, so we did sneak another chapter here and there.
Next term we are going to do another book by our favorite author Roald Dahl because we love to learn!

Learning is explosive FUN

Sand Volcano

We have been learning that verbs are doing words, also how to write instructions.  We made sand volcanoes by mixing baking soda and vinegar together with red food colouring - were we successful in following our instructions?
From the look on Room 12's faces I think we were:)

Puririhua Garden Visit

We decided to visit the butterfly garden once more before the end of the term 1.  We saw lots of butterflies in all the different stages of their life cycle.